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Bundgaard celebrates 120 years

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Can you imagine a birthday table without a flag? Not at all, especially when we're celebrating all the things that make life wonderful! That's why we've created a special Bundgaard table flag, and to celebrate our adventure as pioneers of quality children's shoes, we're giving away a free flag with the first 500 orders.

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120 years of quality children's shoes!

It is with deep pride and joy that we mark Bundgaard's 120th anniversary. Over the decades, we've shaped our brand into what it is today - a bastion of quality, style and innovation in children's footwear.

Common sense and healthy feet

In the first years, the feet are like modeling wax. They can be shaped and adjusted, they can be pressed and massaged without the child feeling anything. In the first years, it is therefore extra important to choose the right children's shoes for the child.

Meet Thorvald the rabbit

Thorvald is Bundgaard's faithful companion and the children's best friend. He is named after the founder of our company, Thorvald Emil Bundgaard. Thorvald is an explorer, always curious and ready to discover new things.

Our materials and production

We make conscious choices in our production, and we continuously investigate and implement new options within the responsible production of children's shoes.

Guide to beginner shoes for children

The first steps in the right shoes can have a decisive influence on the development of your child's feet and create the optimal foundation for a healthy future.

How to care for your shoes

You can easily extend the life of children's shoes and boots with ongoing maintenance and care. Children's shoes are often subject to a significant amount of wear and tear as the little adventurers explore the world around them.

Children's shoes with a focus on quality

We design baby and children's shoes that promote the natural development of the feet and give the child the freedom they need. For generations we have been leaders in the production of functional children's shoes and our mantra is still quality, comfort and natural fit.