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Children's shoes with a focus on quality, comfort and natural fit

At Bundgaard, we design beautiful baby and children's shoes that promote the natural development of the feet and give the child the freedom they need to explore the world. Bundgaard has for generations been a leader in the production of functional children's shoes and our mantra is still quality, comfort and natural fit. We design shoes for children of all ages, shoes with exceptional durability, shoes that are suitable for all weather conditions and, above all, shoes that ensure that the child's feet can develop naturally.

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Common sense and healthy feet

In the first years, the feet are like modeling wax. They can be shaped and adjusted, they can be pressed and massaged without the child feeling anything. The nervous system only develops as the child gets older. It is therefore, in the first years, extra important to pay attention to the child's shoes, so that the foot is not shaped by an incorrect choice of shoes.

As the child grows, the feet need stability and flexibility. The shoes must allow the feet to move and develop naturally. That is why Bundgaard designs shoes that promote the natural development of the feet and give them freedom of movement.

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