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Sund fornuft og sunde fødder

Common sense and healthy feet

Most children are born with two healthy and naturally shaped feet. The feet must form the basis for a long, healthy and active life and therefore it is paramount that both the child and the feet get the best possible start so that they can develop naturally.

As parents, we often worry about whether our children are well and thriving in everyday life. Children who move often have greater self-esteem, they thrive better and have an easier time with the learning process, as movement strengthens cognitive development. But having an active child requires the right conditions, including the right choice of footwear.

Feet must have space and freedom of movement, so when we choose to put shoes on our feet, we must also make sure they are the right size.

The best conditions
Children do best with bare feet and should not wear footwear until necessary. When the child begins to show an interest in standing up and can take a few steps with support, you can give the child a prewalker.

Bundgaard's prewalkers move naturally with the child's foot, provide better slip resistance and protect the foot from the ground. We recommend using a prewalker for a few hours at a time so that the child can get used to wearing shoes.

The child must first have a firm shoe when he has balance and can, for example, run.

Did you know that:
The foot is first fully developed at the age of 16.

A fully developed foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles, 10 tendons and 107 ligaments.

A child's foot primarily consists of cartilage and fat pads in the first few years before the foot develops.

The development of the arch of the foot begins around the age of 2.

Before the nervous system is developed, the child cannot feel if the shoe hurts, squeezes or is too big

Active play and movement are the best exercise for children's feet

The feet are most often the place on the body where you are the source

The skin on the heel is the thickest layer of skin on our entire body

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