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Meet Thorvald the rabbit

Thorvald is Bundgaard's faithful companion and children's best friend. He is named after the founder of our company, Thorvald Emil Bundgaard. Thorvald is an explorer, always curious and ready to discover new things.

Every morning Thorvald gets up early, jumps out of his little cave and starts his day exploring the world around him. He loves sniffing around in the forest, looking at flowers and studying the insects. But Thorvald is not alone in his curiosity. He has a very special mission - to take children on an adventure.

Thorvald loves the children and they love him. He is their friend and protector. Every afternoon, the children gather around him and Thorvald tells them exciting stories about the treasures that await them in the big, wonderful world out there.

Exploring the world together
Thorvald's mission is to take the children on a special journey of discovery. They pack a lunch and set off on an exciting expedition through the forest. Along the way, they learn about trees, plants and animals. Thorvald shows them how to make little treasure hunts where they have to find fun things like colored stones, feathers from birds and the secrets of the forest.

Thorvald and the children are inseparable. They learn together, play together and explore together. Thorvald inspires them to be curious about the world and never stop learning.

Although Thorvald is a rabbit, he is one of the most loved and admired creatures. He shows that curiosity and friendship can lead to the most amazing adventures. And as long as there is a Thorvald rabbit, there will always be a world of discovery and wonder for children to explore.

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