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The story of Bundgaard

Established in Denmark in 1904, Bundgaard is the oldest children's shoe brand in Scandinavia. The story unfolds in Esbjerg, a city located in the western part of Denmark, where Thorvald Emil Bundgaard, a visionary person, acquired a shoe factory and thus laid the foundation for Bundgaard shoes.

With a deep love for children, Bundgaard shoes are carefully manufactured for children's dynamic nature. The shoes are tailored to accommodate children participating in activities such as cycling, running, climbing, jumping and playing. Our shoes accommodate the diverse experiences of childhood - laughter, tears, expanding boundaries and increased sensory awareness.

Originally focused on making shoes for adults, the course changed when Thorkild discovered a lack of quality, well-fitting shoes for his grandchildren in the 1920s. As a result, he directed the company's efforts exclusively towards the production of children's shoes.

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At Bundgaard, we prioritize children's well-being and needs. The overall goal is to provide children with optimal conditions for movement and exploration, which nurtures the foundation for a long and healthy life. The design philosophy revolves around ensuring that the shoes complement the natural shape of the foot and prioritize the child's comfort and freedom of movement.