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Vores materialer og produktion

Our materials and production

We care about the children's feet, but are also careful to protect the world they grow up in. As a company, we make conscious choices in our production, and we continuously investigate and impleme...

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Sådan plejer du dine sko

How to care for your shoes

You can easily extend the life of children's shoes and boots with ongoing maintenance and care. Children's shoes are often subject to a significant amount of wear and tear as the little adventurer...

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Barfodssko giver naturlig komfort

Barefoot shoes provide natural comfort

Bundgaard barefoot shoes are carefully crafted with the aim of supporting and promoting the natural development of small children's feet and are designed with a focus on mimicking the sensation of...

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Mød kaninen Thorvald

Meet Thorvald the rabbit

Thorvald is Bundgaard's faithful companion and the children's best friend. He is named after the founder of our company, Thorvald Emil Bundgaard . Thorvald is an explorer, always curious and ready...

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Sund fornuft og sunde fødder

Common sense and healthy feet

Most children are born with two healthy and naturally shaped feet. The feet must form the basis for a long, healthy and active life and therefore it is paramount that both the child and the feet g...

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Guide til begyndersko til børn

Guide to beginner shoes for children

The child's first shoe is not just a matter of style and design, it is an investment in the child's health and well-being. The first steps in the right shoes can have a decisive influence on the d...

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