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Find the right size

It is important to choose the right size when buying shoes for your child. At Bundgaard, we have measured all our styles individually, so you can find the right size when you buy your next rubber boot, sandal, boot or sneaker. To use our size guide, simply know the length of your child's foot. Read more about how to measure your child's foot and how easy it is to use our size guide on the page here.

How to measure

• Place the child's foot on a piece of paper with the heel up against a wall.
• Draw a line in front of the child's longest toe and measure the distance to the wall.
• Use the measurement from the longest foot, as there may be a difference between the feet.

We take the width into account!

All feet are different, which is why we design shoes in three different widths; standard, wide and extra wide. On the product pages, you can see which width the shoe is designed in - marked with the same icons as you see here.

It's that easy

On our product pages, we have made it easy for you to find the right shoe size for your child. We have added a practical guide that guides you step by step in finding the optimal size. All you have to do is click on “Find Size” and enter the measurement of your child's foot. Our smart guide will then recommend a size that fits your child. Please note that the recommended size includes growth allowance.

Shop according to the child's development


The child stands up, takes the first steps, walks unsteadily and practices finding balance.

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The child has a stable balance, walks freely, runs and now moves more confidently.

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Full speed ahead

Full speed ahead! The child jumps, runs, climbs and constantly challenges himself and his strength.

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