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Product care of natural rubber

Bundgaard's rubber boots are all produced in natural rubber which makes the shoe softer so that they better follow the movements of the foot. Natural rubber contains natural oils, which when converted into rubber boots slowly begin to evaporate and thus dry out. Therefore, we recommend that you take care of the rubber boots on an ongoing basis
with care product or oil.

Here's how you do it:

1. Remove dirt and grime with a wet cloth or sponge. If the rubber boot is very dirty, it can be cleaned under the tap with soap and water. Avoid getting the lining wet. Wipe the water off the rubber boot or let it dry at room temperature.

2. When the shoe is dry, apply a care product specific to natural rubber or alternatively a taste-neutral oil from the kitchen drawer. Then let the rubber boots dry at room temperature.

3. Excess oil can then be wiped off.

If the rubber boots have become wet inside, they must be air-dried without the use of external heat sources such as a radiator or warming cabinet. The insole is removed and dried separately.

Bundgaard's rubber boots should not be stored in direct sunlight for too long at a time, as this can damage the color of the boots. Instead, we recommend that the rubber boots be stored in a dark and cold place.

With regular care and cleaning, the rubber boot maintains its suppleness and softness, and reduces the risk of cracking and cracking.