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Barefoot shoes provide natural comfort

Designed to mimic the feeling of walking barefoot, barefoot shoes have gained recognition in recent years for their many health benefits and their ability to support children's natural development.

Bundgaard barefoot shoes are carefully crafted with the aim of supporting and promoting the natural development of small children's feet and are designed with a focus on mimicking the feeling of walking barefoot while providing protection and comfort.

Flat and flexible soles
The shoes are constructed with flat soles that have a maximum heel drop of 3 mm, meaning there is no significant height difference between the forefoot and rearfoot, creating a harmonious and natural foot position.

Our barefoot shoes are equipped with extremely flexible soles that allow children's feet to flex and stretch freely, promoting the development of strong and healthy feet. The thin sole allows feet to feel the ground as if they were walking barefoot. This promotes a natural gait cycle and strengthens the muscles in the feet.

Room for the toes
Our barefoot shoes are designed with a spacious forefoot that provides enough room for the toes to spread naturally, move up and down and grip the ground. This helps to improve your child's stability and balance.

Bundgaard barefoot shoes are designed to follow and support the natural movement of the foot. They aim to promote healthy walking patterns, strengthen the foot's musculature and help prevent any future foot problems.

Stable heel cup
Our barefoot shoes are created with a stable heel cup that provides support for the child's ankles and helps prevent unnatural foot movements. This is especially important as children are often very active and subject their feet to various stresses. A stable heel cup helps prevent the child from developing poor walking patterns.

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